Denver Public Schools Regis Groff High School Phase 1

Gail Barry, landscape architect

Eidos Architects formed a design team for this new Denver Public High School in Green Valley Ranch. Land Mark Design was the landscape architect and worked closely with team members to come up with a cohesive design addressing the programming needs of the school. A baseball field, all-purpose field and outdoor basketball courts occupied a large portion of the open space. Land Mark Design assisted in laying out these fields and designed the paths leading to these areas. Land Mark Design worked with the architects to design the front entry, outdoor learning and gathering spaces along with paths and walks around the school. Land Mark Design worked with the architects to select the site furniture. Many trees were selected and used along walks, and streets, parking lots and outdoor gathering spaces. Denver Public Schools has very particular requirements for their landscapes so selected shrubs and other plants needed to have a low profile. Written specifications and details were also provided for this project. There are plans for a building expansion (Phase 2) into some of the landscaped spaces and provision was made for this potential expansion.