A Minimalist Garden

Gail Barry, landscape architect

The owners of this Olive Street Residence became tired of their existing more conventional landscape and hired Land Mark Design to redesign the site to evoke a formal, contemporary look with minimal planting.  Hard lines and grids were set up to organize the site into its current look.  Rectangular planting beds and stepping stones were created using poured concrete and precast concrete stepstones.  A sculpture was selected by the owners and installed in the landscape.  New walks, steps and driveway were installed.  The owners did not like looking into their neighbor’s yard so free standing, overlapping wood panels were designed to screen this view while adding depth and interest to the space.  Matching panels in the front cover up some unsightly but needed utility areas and a matching fence in the rear provides storage for firewood, compost and grill.  A very minimal, mostly evergreen, planting scheme was provided.  The clients like to entertain and cook so an herb garden was designed, north of the swimming pool, where it would get the most sun.  Lighting was also planned to show off elements in this landscape.