Gaylord Street Residence

Gail Barry, landscape architect

Land Mark Design had designed a previous residence for this client.  When they moved to an historic house, in the Country Club Neighborhood, we were asked to redesign the landscape for it as well.  We began by redesigning the front entry and existing rectangular patio, designing a fish pond in a shape that went with the historic house, a curvilinear walk way between the entrance and the new curved patio, adding new trees and planting bed with plants selected to screen and enhance as needed.  The old historic seat wall that had surrounded the existing patio, was disassembled and rebuilt around the new curved patio edge.  As life changes occurred, new plans emerged.  Land Mark Design designed an arbor at the south end of the pool, walls along the driveway to separate the garden space from the drive and garage, and new walls in the front to attempt to provide some noise reduction from the busy nearby street.  Part of the design included removing the hot tub and swim slide.  The existing swimming pool was upgraded with a new cover and tiles and the pool deck was surfaced with stone to match the stone that prevailed in the remainder of the landscape, making a consistent connection between the arbor and the back patio.