7th Avenue Residence

Gail Barry, landscape architect

Land Mark Design was hired to redesign the garden for this historic 7th Avenue residence.  The original front steps were steep and difficult to negotiate for older relatives.  New steps were designed for grace and ease of movement.  As a result of the historic review, the historic, but damaged, tile inlay at the front door was redesigned and replaced to mimic the original design.  Front plantings were established to give a welcoming appearance to the space.  Key trees were kept and new shade tolerant understory plants established.  The west patio was enhanced with new trees, shrubs, ground covers and perennials.  New planting beds provided display space for the owners’ sculptures.  A child’s play area and sensory garden was designed for the rear.  New steps and landings were designed to access the dry-laid patio, which replaced unhealthy lawn.  Veronica and thyme were planted between loosely laid interior stones. A tightly laid surrounding stone band defines the patio shape.  A small water feature is nestled under the tree next to the patio surrounded by grasses and other plants.  The new landscape is more accessible, more enjoyable and easier to maintain.